Raw Dog Food Diet: How Much You Should Feed?

Switching your pet towards the dog raw food diet plan is the tough decision to take. But still, many owners choose to go on this way to control the dog’s health. Natural dog food diets are a bit controversial, but again, it’s getting popular. In this regard, an Australian vet suggested a plan in 1993 named BARF. The BARF is the acronym of the bones and raw food diet for dogs. However, if you are new at this site, you need full information on the right path. But before picking up a raw dog food diet plan, it is essential to know.

What is a dog raw food diet plan?

“Your dogs need something to eat, then why not let their food be a medicine?”

It is an open reality that the dietary needs of your dog may be different from one another. We know there is a difference in activity level, metabolic rate, breed, and temperature. So, before taking the raw dog food diet plan, it is vital to dive deep into this sea. Apart from the bones and new food diet for dogs, there are many other plans. Natural dog food diet recipes consist of the following items;

  • Muscle meat often still on the bone
  • Bones may be whole or ground.
  • Organ meats like livers and kidneys
  • Raw eggs
  • Includes vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery
  • Apples and other sorts of fruits
  • And some dairy products such as yogurt etc.

After reading the above list, it has cleared that the dog raw food diet plan is balanced. So, it comes with many benefits as well;

  • Shinier coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Cleaner teeth
  • High level of energy
  • And smaller stools along with many others.

But you can achieve all of these benefits if you are following the right raw dog food diet recipes. So, here are is the guideline about the quantity of the dog fresh food diet plan;

How much should you feed an adult dog?

One of the rules of bones and raw food diet for dogs is to feed the 2-4% of the pet’s body weight. Smaller dogs need a higher percentage of their body weight, whereas larger dogs need less rate. However, the daily raw dog food diet should split between;

A dog 10 lbs. of weight will eat around 2 pounds. Per week or 10 lbs. Per month.

  • 25 lbs. The dog will eat 5 pounds. per week or 20 pounds ./month
  • 50 lb. He will eat about 8 lb. per week or 32 lb. per month
  • 75 lb. Dog will eat 10 lb. Per week or 42 lb. per month
  • 100 lb. The dog will eat 13 lb. Per week or 54 lbs. per month

But remember that this direction of the raw dog food diet plan could be different according to the dog need. It is essential to keep an eye at your dog and observe the habits and changes keenly.

Dog raw food diet plan for puppies

Puppies need extra calories to maintain the lifestyle. So, here you will apply the rule to feed 2×3 times more than the adult dog food. However, for better health, follow the dog food diet plan in 3-4 times straight in a whole day. On the other hand, adult dogs are excellent with 2-3 times daily feedings. Just like adult dogs, there are many things you should see in the puppies. So, the raw dog food diet recipes could be different according to age, race, size, etc. So, don’t forget to observe the dog and decide on the plan.

Final verdict

“You can do anything apart from the food that you are putting into the body of a dog.”

So, for effective results, it is vital to observe the habits of your dog keenly. If you do not follow the directions on the right side, there could be many side effects. So, some of the side effects are as follow;

  • The bones and raw food diet for dogs could lead human and dog health towards the bacteria. The fresh meat is the primary carrier of germs, so deal with it wisely.
  • However, an unbalanced diet could damage the health of the dog for a more extended period.
  • Above all, it can break the bones, choke an animal, and break teeth or cause an internal injury in the dog.

So, the better solution is to start the raw dog food diet plan after proper research and planning. It’s good to take help from the certified nutritionist.

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