How To Choose The Right Aquarium Size For Fish?

Which aquarium size is a go-go for you? Getting your first pet fish is always special. The excitement of bringing the ocean beauty home is an entirely unique experience. So you are right at being excited. However, your ocean queen needs an aquarium too. But which aquarium size is the right fit for you? There … Read more

10 Major Fish Diseases And How To Avoid Them

An aquarium pet owner needs to be mindful of fish disease affecting the aquarium pet. The awareness of these fish diseases is important to cure it. Therefore we have mentioned the most common fish disease below, along with remedies to avoid them. 1. Fin Rot This fish disease is caused due to bacteria. It mostly happens … Read more

07 Most Beautiful Fish You Can Have As A Pet

The underwater world is so fascinating with mindblowing creatures and beautiful fish breeds. The swimming moment of this creature, either big or small, mesmerizes everyone’s eye. It gives some sort of mental peace to the viewers. Therefore, people love to have these as a pet in their aquariums. Unique color combinations definitely prove it, the … Read more