Top 9 Most Popular Cow Breeds In The World

From ancient times, cow breeds are domesticated for meat and dairy purposes. Usually, cow breeds are most famous for farming around the world. But do you know some cows can be pets? In today’s blog, we will shed some light over a few unique cow breeds:

Black Angus

The Black Angus Cows are among the famous cow breeds around the world. Aberdeen Angus is another name of Black Angus. Originally from Scotland, You can identify this majestic cow breeds with its beautiful black and red color of the coat. However, It has a huge muscular body. Also, a female Angus has a weight of about 500 kilograms. And male Angus weight is about 800 kilograms.

Production and consumption of beef is the primary intention of having Angus. However, another reason is crossbreeding to get pole calves.


The Charolais is among the few cow breeds originated from France. Its coat color is white and creamy. But its nose color in pink. Also, an interesting fact is it is the most massive cattle breed around the world. The bull weight starts from 1000 kilograms and can reach up to 1600 kilograms. The cow weight starts from 700 kilograms and can reach up to 1200 kilograms. So the primary purpose of its farming is crossbreeding and meat. Indu-Brazil and Char-Swiss are the most common crossbreeds of Charolais.


Here Ford Is originated from the West Midlands of England. It stands in the top ten heavyweight cow breeds list. So the bull weight is about 1800 lbs. But the female weight is about 1200 lbs.

Herefords are famous for longevity. This cow breed is a good mother, excellent milker, and easy calvers.

Jersey Cattle

The Jersey cattle are a  British cow breeds cattle. (Origin: Jersey). But now, this cow breed is available throughout the world. Its native color is Brown. So you can find it in every shade of Brown color. The bull cattle weights about 800 kilograms and the cow weigh about 500 kilograms. Also, Jersey cattle is one of the high fertile cattle around the world.

Dairy and drought are two primary purposes of Jersey cattle. It gives milk with high butterfat in a yellowish tone.


Originated from England, the Shorthorn cow breeds have a white, red, and roan color coat. Shorthorns are among the average-sized cow breeds. But they are long-living and fast-growing farm animals. Shorthorn is used for a double purpose, milk, and beef. Two distinct species had developed in the second half of the 20th century: the milking shorthorn and the beef shorthorn.

The weight of the mature female shorthorn is about 1200 to 1500 pounds. The adult bull has a weight of about 1800 to 2200 pounds.

Simmental Cattle

It is a dual-purpose cattle of the swiss breed. Originated from Simmental, Switzerland, this cow breeds is red in color. Also, it has white spots on its skin. And it has large breed type variations.  

Simmental cattle are used for dairy and beef purposes. An interesting fact about Simmental cattle is that they grow rapidly. Also, they provide more milk output than other cow breeds.

Texas longhorn

In the cow breeds, Texas longhorn is specified with their mighty horns. The horn of Texas longhorns can raise over 70 inches.  Originated from the United States of America and has a coat color of brown, white, and black.

Texas longhorn is generally known for its lean beef. The lean meat of this cow breed is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol.

Highland cattle

This breed, Highland cattle are originated from the Scottish Highlands. Long-haired Highland cattle is another name of this breed. However, it has many other words like North Highland cattle, Scottish cattle, etc. It has a long shaggy coat with long horns. The male Highland cattle have a weight of about 800 kilograms. On the other hand, female cattle has a weight of about 500 kilograms.

Highland Cattle found in plenty of colors like red, ginger, black, brown, yellow, white, etc. But this cow breeds is slow maturing. But famous for meat and the fat percentage in the milk.

Chianina Steer

One of the largest and oldest cow breeds is Chianina. Perugina and Calvana are the other names of these cow breeds and are originated from Italy. The male Chianina weights start from 1200 kilograms to 1500 kilograms. But the female Chianina weight starts from 800 kilograms to 1000 kilograms. Its skin color is black, but it coats have white hair with a black switch. It usually is a drought breed, but now it is also raised for beef purposes.

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