Most Common Dog Diseases And Treatments: Dog Health

Dog diseases and treatments are a must-know knowledge for the ones who keep dogs as pets. People who keep pets usually treat them as their kids, and raising a kid is not an easy task. But abrupt reactions and panicking is not the solution if your dog gets sick. The proper knowledge about your dog’s disease and appropriate treatment would ease their pain.

Common dog diseases

A slight imbalance in your dog’s natural health is normal, but if this decline prolongs, then it is alarming. Here are some common dog diseases and treatments available for them that would surely aid the reduction of the problems of your beloved fur.

Skin Diseases

Skin is the most delicate organ. Skin gets irritated very easily, and even minor changes can lead to skin infections. Dogs get skin irritations, but it’s hard to locate itchy skin because of their fur.


 Scratching is the favorite hobby of pets. But if this hobby is dragged to a high level, then it’s not normal at all, and it’s something else. Yes, skin allergy!


 The most obvious cause of this kind of skin irritation is a food allergy. Dogs are allergic to specific foods, and it can cause allergies in them. Another significant cause is bacterial or fungal infections. Due to exposure to an open environment, dogs can get skin allergies.


 Switch to the food, which is not only equally nutritious but also less-allergic. Proper hygienic food is very necessary for the health of your pet. You would be asked to use some shampoos for grooming your fur kid, but in case of severe allergies, antibiotic ointments are also recommended.

Dental Diseases

As far as dental dog diseases and treatment is concerned, the ‘Gum Disease’ in dogs is the most common one. By the age of 2, almost every dog experiences some kind of dental disease.


When all the edible stuff is mixed up with saliva in a dog’s mouth, it provides bacteria an optimum environment for its growth. Yes, bacteria again are the cause. These bacteria cause gum disease and, eventually, tooth decay due to plaque formation. 


The gums bleed; there are redness and swallowing of gums. Your dog chews food using only one side of its jaw. Bad breath and loss of interest in food are also some symptoms.


As far as treatments of these diseases are concerned, it is done according to the seriousness of the disease. Dog mouthwashes help in curing this disease by eliminating bacteria and maintaining the hygiene of teeth. Surgeries and antibiotics are also prescribed. The most advanced treatment is dental cleaning for the removal of plaque.

Internal Diseases

Anemia is the most common internal disease in dogs, which is a result of some other medical disorders. It causes a decrease in the red blood cells. The symptoms of anemia can lead to internal disease growing in the dog’s body. Reduced blood cells cause less supply of oxygen in the body, and your dog may suffer from severe outcomes.


The most common and prominent symptoms include:

  1. Weakness in the body
  2. Blood from different parts of the body
  3. Loss of appetite and weight
  4. Accelerated heart rate
  5. Trouble in breathing


Whenever there are any injuries and excessive loss of blood, it may trigger anemia. Parasites such as hookworms can also cause a loss of blood. When the blood clotting process weakens in the body, a massive loss of blood can cause anemic conditions. Severe malnutrition and poor diet is also another cause of anemia in dogs.


Anemia is caused by disorders growing in the dog’s body, so the first treatment is given to those disorders through surgery, medication, and nutritional support. If the condition gets serious, then blood transfusion is another available option. These internal dog diseases are directly linked to the improper functioning of external organs of the dog’s body.

As far as other internal dog diseases and treatments of these common disorders are concerned, digestive disorders are worth-mentioning. Just like humans, inappropriate food results in improper functioning of the dog’s digestive system, which, as a result, gives birth to several new diseases. Prevention is better than cure. A proper diet, regular medical checkup, and proper grooming would help a lot.

These were some common dog diseases and treatments related to these medical disorders. Just like humans, dogs also need regular medical checkups and proper grooming. If you want to save your pup from serious problems, keep them checked regularly.

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