How To Put a Dog Tag on The Collar?

Dog collar tags are the essential items for the pet owners. Every person loves to own pets, but it comes with heavy responsibility. I know nobody wants to lose the dear pet, that’s why dog collar could be your companion. However, if we look at the data, around 67% of American people prefer to put a dog tag. It is your first duty to save your companion from the unwanted hassle. In this way, you can find the dog easily if something unfortunate happens. So, don’t be lazy and prepare yourself to put a tag on the dog. I know you need step-to-step guidance, that’s why this piece of writing is here to help.

What should you put for dog collar tags?

Always put the invisible crown at your dog’s head. Yes, that crown is a collar tag.”

The one thing that you shouldn’t put at the dog collar is the name of the dog. The reason for not putting the dog’s name at the tag is less usefulness. If you want to take maximum advantage, then put dog collar tag with the following things;

  • you can add your cell number at the label in case someone wants to contact you.
  • However, you can also put the tag with the information like your dog has had a vaccination. In this way, the finder of the dog will feel secure to touch the dog.
  • You can add a tag if the dog is microchipped. It gives an additional way to the finder to contact you.
  • Adding the reward offer with the contact number is a perfect option. Some people without good intentions can sell your dog for money. So, by offering them money, you are closing this way.
  • If it’s not a problem for you, you can also add the address at the dog collar tag.

Last but not least, if the dog collar isn’t for security purposes, you can go for the name. The name of the dog at tag always looks fantastic. So, you can add the signature to enhance the look.

How to put a dog tag on the collar?

Now we head towards the real question. Yes, that thing is the way to put a dog collar tag. So, here are the following steps that you need to follow;

Step # 00

We named this step as zero because it is the base point to start putting dog collar tags. However, at this step, take off the collar around the dog’s neck. If you don’t do this, then it would be hard to put the tag at a dog collar. It is a common problem that many dogs jump, so it is better to remove the collar. 

Step # 01

In the first step, it is vital to understand how the dog collars work, especially with the labels. However, for this, take a reference that tags come with S-hook along with a split ring. So, if you want to attach, then use any of the above items.

Step # 02

If you are using the S-hook, you will have to loop the hook through a dog collar tag. However, at the next movement, pinch the mouth with the help of the pliers. In short, shut the mouth of the S-hook.

Step # 03

However, after completing step two, we come towards the next task. At this step, you can easily loop the part of the S-hook to the D-ring. The place of the D-ring is at the dogs’ collar. However, doing all of this, you can now pinch the mouth with pins.

Step # 04

In case if you are using the split pins, then slightly slide the tag into the ring. The way of putting the label is similar to put keys into the keychain. But don’t forget to make sure that it is completely attached.

Step # 05

It is one of the most critical steps that you shouldn’t forget. However, at this stage, check the space around the dog’s collar to check the area. However, space should be enough for the dog to breathe easily.

In the end, I can only say that putting a dog collar is useful if you want your dog’s security. Just like you don’t drive the car without a license, then you shouldn’t keep the dog without a tag. Above all, it is a necessary thing to follow in some areas of the USA. So, to put the dog collar tag, take a guide from here.

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