How To Choose The Right Aquarium Size For Fish?

Which aquarium size is a go-go for you?

Getting your first pet fish is always special. The excitement of bringing the ocean beauty home is an entirely unique experience. So you are right at being excited. However, your ocean queen needs an aquarium too. But which aquarium size is the right fit for you?

There are so many aquarium sizes available. Which one to choose?

The decision to pick your first aquarium is kind of tricky. A lot of novice fish owners ignore the importance of a right fish tank size. As a result, they end up getting a wrong fish tank that is either too big or too small for the fish to survive.

So, in this blog, we are going to discuss which aquarium size is right to have for your pet fish.

How to choose the right aquarium size?

Clown Fish in aquarium

Usually, the practice among the people is to purchase the aquarium before buying the fish. This is not the right way towards fish keeping.

To clarify, you get into fishkeeping because you like to have a particular fish as a pet in your aquarium. Purchasing the fish tank first makes it difficult to select the fish. As you have to choose the fish according to the tank.

 So I suggest you start with the fish rather than going for the tank first. As a result, you will be able to select the right aquarium size for your desired pet fish.

Big or small, which aquarium size to select?

Fishes in aquarium

There is no single fish aquarium size that is absolutely according to the needs of every fish breed. Because every fish has a different temperature and environmental requirements. And the conditions must be fulfilled by you to keep the fish happy, healthy, and above all alive.  However, I suggest picking the largest aquarium size for the fish.

A lot of you might find it offbeat. Why choose the biggest when I have a small fish?

Lonely fish in an aquarium

The fact is fish produce a lot of waste in the form of poop, pee, and undigested foods. As a result, different chemicals are made in the water. These Chemicals are easier to remove from big aquariums.  But in small fish tanks, the chemical reaction takes place rapidly. And are fatal for the fishes. (The chemicals are the reason for a water change).

Small fish tanks quickly develop the chemical. Therefore the tanks need to clear and maintain daily. Which is a challenge for beginners.

What’s wrong with a small aquarium size?

Horse Fish in aquarium

In fish-keeping, there is a rule that states, “Bigger aquariums, happier fishes.”

So when you select a small aquarium size, the following are the problems you have to face in the future.

Stunted Growth:

Many people believe the myth that the fish accommodates its growth with the tank. It is false. The development of the fish does not put up with the aquarium size. Instead, it shrinks due to small aquarium size usage. As some fishes, for example, goldfish, continue to grow bigger till death. So if the fish is living in a small tank and not growing at all, it means it is facing stunted growth. In other words, the health of the fish is permanently damaged due to the small aquarium size.

Reduced Lifespan

Fishes in aquarium bright

Using a little aquarium for fish keeping also results in the reduction of fish’s lifespan. As they have to face a lot of health issues.

Behavioral issues:

Putting the fishes in a small aquarium size also causes different behavioral issues. As it enhances aggression. Because the fish feels scared and stressed. The stress can lead a fish towards attacking the other fishes available in the tank. Which can be serious trouble for you as well.

Where to put the aquarium?

Lonely fish in aquarium

The location of the fish tank matters a lot. If you have a big aquarium size, it is going to clearly noticeable. The place also has a more substantial effect on your choice of aquarium size. Also, it is wise to select the ideal location first before filling up the tank with water. As it is not possible to move the darn thing filled with water so quickly.

  1. Avoid placing your aquarium into direct lights. (Windows) It is better to put it in a room having low lights.
  2. We don’t want our fishes to take the stress from noise and continuous disturbance. Therefore, place the aquarium somewhere having low noise distractions.
  3. The temperature of the aquarium plays a vital role in keeping the fish healthy and alive. So you have to keep the temperature around the aquarium low.

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