How Tight Should The Best Dog Collar Be?

Stop! If you are planning to put on a tight dog collar. Yes, you heard right because it could be dangerous for your dog. If you think that dog collars are simple and easy to choose, then it’s wrong. There are many types, sizes, features, and styles of the dog collar. But you should choose the right type and size for you. As it is vital to ensure the comfort of your dog. But, you need to understand.

What is a dog collar?

A collar is a piece or strap that fits around the neck of the dog. However, it is good to ensure the safety of the dog. Apart from this you can order or lead the dog wherever you want. There are the following main functions of the dog collar;

  • It is vital to keep a restrain at the dog.
  • Some people use the dog collar to put the identification tags in the neck.
  • Above all, dog collars are quite trendy nowadays, and people use it as a style.

But there are things that you should see before putting the dog collar. For instance, a tight dog collar could harm the neck of the dog. However, if the collar is too loose, then it’s not good also. So, here are the main types of dog collar;

  • Buckle or flat collars
  • Breakaway collars
  • Safety stretch collars
  • Lighted collars
  • And reflective collars along with many other types.

What is the best dog collar?

“Wear your dog a collar but wear it correctly and in the right size.”

As we read earlier that the collar is vital to put restraint and for safety purposes. So, for the better understanding, we divided the basic rule into the following points that;

  • It shouldn’t be too tight.
  • And not should be too loose.

Ideally, people follow the two-finger rules. For instance, the difference between the dog collar and the dog’s neck should be up to two fingers. However, it is a common way of measuring the best possible tightness of the collar. So, it shouldn’t be too tight pr too loose.

What if there is a tight dog collar?

Now in this situation, this question arises. You should know the consequences if there is a tight dog collar. So, there is the following thing that could happen;


If the dog collar is too tight, then the dog could chock easily. The main reason for the chocking is due to the close of the airway. However, it further leads towards the “asphyxiation” if the situation gets severe.

Skin irritation

Skin irritation is the most common problems that a pet could face due to the tight dog collar. However, in this situation, some dogs rub their skin tightly against the surface of other dogs.

Neck muscle or trachea injury

Your dog could face severe injury due to the tight collar. It happens when the dog twists the head or neck to relieve the pressure of the tight dog collar. However, it may further lead to the pain in the neck muscle.

What if there is a loose dog collar?

So, now we move to the next situation. If you don’t follow the two-finger rule, then these things could happen;

Loose dog

Other than the tight dog collar, if it’s too loose, then the dog judges that he can escape. So, if you have a free hand at your dog, then it is a worse situation. However, as a result, you could lose your dog permanently.

Mouth and leg injuries

If the dog collar is too loose, then your pub has more chances to get on their paws and jaw into the chain. However, this thing could go up to the mouth, jaw, teeth, or leg injuries.

Skin irritation

Skin irritation could occur in some species of the dogs. As a result of the loose collar, they can easily rub them against other dogs’ skin.

Final verdict

“The right choice makes all the difference.”

After reading the results, you know how important it is not to put a tight dog collar. So, always follow the two-finger rules and save your pet from the unnecessary hassle. However, if your two fingers slightly snug between the collar and neck, it is the perfect fit. If the fingers can’t move or you move them with force, then there is a tight dog collar. So, adjust accordingly and check daily to make sure the proper fit all the time.

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