Dog Training & The Best Breeds To Keep As Pet

Dog training is the process of developing qualities or unique habits for a dog. Dog training involves educating a dog to respond to clear commands and signals and behaving individually by intentionally modifying their normal attitude to each command.

Dogs are qualified to act in a wide variety of functional tasks including search and rescue operations, cattle herding, protection, explosive or alcohol detecting, handicap assist, and dogs were also taught to serve social duties which include companionship, hunting additional help.

Dog training typically includes the basic teaching in obedience to gain dominance of the animal and eventually proceed to more intensive training by specialists. Training is an integral part of the dog’s life and, for certain reasons, an enjoyable one. 

This offers mental motivation that helps your dog to keep balance and your dog would be mentally relaxed by the end each time you perform the morning walk, and undeniably relaxed during the day.

The basic instruction in behavior training entails coaching a dog

  • Recall training (encourage the dog to come to order or follow the command
  • Sit command (it’s about teaching the dog to sit on your order)
  • Walking or heeling exercise (encouraging the dog to walk with the trainer on or off lead)
  • Stay command (reminding the puppy not to go astray) 
  • Training of sociability (training the dog how to be nice and respectful to owners, other pets and animals)

Specific behavioral characteristics have been made possible to teach the dog in the best possible way. The presence of strong social resistance and human nature to the dog makes primitive man communicate quickly with the dog. Many Species retain a communication system that is not so active. Be it as it might, when communicating to men, dogs utilize their physical looks.        

Best Dog Breeds For Family


Bulldog makes children a great friend. Such faithful dogs can adjust to any environment and are capable of spending time with their owners.

  • Personality (Cool, brave, pleasant; graceful yet entertaining)
  • Energy level (Not so efficient; Bulldogs aren’t going to ask to run, so they just need daily walks)
  • Nice with kids (Yes, They can have great bond with kids)
  • Nice with Dogs (Yes, They will surely have good relation with other dogs)                           
  • Brushing (Weekly)
  • Trainability (Suits well, easy to train)
  • Level of Barking (Most Silent)


Pug is tiny but does not need cuddling and his rogue face squeezes into the hearts of people and particularly children for whom this dog seems to have a particular love. In a small apartment, he’s relaxed and highly adaptable to any scenario.

  • Personality (Cool, sweet, playful, and affectionate)
  • Energy level (very active; pugs aren’t all-natural athletes, but they have sturdy legs and relentless enthusiasm)
  • Nice for Children (Ideal for monitoring)
  • Nice to Other Dogs c(They will be nice when they’re monitored well)
  • Grooming (Washing Regularly)
  • Trainability (Fine)
  • Barking Level (Barks if need to be)


Collies are a very clever breed and could be easily trained if well trained. They’re intelligent, happy to please, and full of life.

  • Personality (Committed, generous, and respectful)
  • Energy level (Very energetic; Collies are full of energy and need regular activity, but the majority of the time they’re able to relax at home)
  • Nice with kids (Yes, They will be nice with kids in family)
  • Nice to Other Dogs (They need proper monitoring to be nice to other dogs)
  • Trainability (Suits well, easy to train)
  • Barking Level (Seems articulate)

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers emerged to public attention due to the need for a normal-sized dog.  The agility, intellect, and friendly personality of the breed today suits it for many purposes, and it is now one of the most effective, identifiable, and common breeds in all aspects of competitiveness.

  • Personality (Articulate, dedicated, and polite)
  • Activity Level (Very Active; active and enthusiastic, this dog requires regular exercise)
  • Nice with kids (Yes, They will surely be nicer to kids)
  • Nice with Dogs (Yes, They will have a stronger bond with their mates)
  • Trainability (Eager to Satisfy, easy to train)
  • Barking Level (Barks If need be)

Labrador Retriever

It is considered to be one of the best breeds of dogs to train in a good manner for your respective family. The breed is usually polite, tolerant, and easy to train. The breed is pretty flexible, shooting, displaying, tracking and obedience are all part of it.

  • Personality (Outgoing and polite, Labs communicate well with others)
  • Energies (very effective; labs are top-spirited and have no fear of revealing it)
  • Nice with kids (Yes, They will be super friendly with kids)
  • Nice to Other Dogs (Monitoring is needed for them to be nice to other dogs)
  • Grooming (Washing weekly)
  • Trainability (Good to train)
  • Rate Barking (Mild)

German Shepherd

These are considered to be the most common dog breeds. German Shepherds are smart, effective training pets. They have generated loyalty and bravery. And they are extremely versatile. You may find German Shepherds in shelters despite their true-breeding status and breed particular rescues.

  • Personality (The breed is thought to be intelligent and quick to train)
  • Energies (They are very high in energy, super active and enthusiastic)
  • Nice with Kids (Yes, They will be good with kids)
  • Nice to other Dogs (Yes, They can have good relation with other dogs)
  • Grooming (Brushing Weekly)
  • Trainability (Easy to Train)
  • Barking Level (High)

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is known to be perfect for busy households, the outgoing and trainable. Irish Setter is high energy and likes to spend time outdoors.

  • Personality (Outgoing, nice, healthy, and easy to train)
  • Energy level (Very efficient; high energy dogs who enjoy running)
  • Nice with kids (Yes, They will be nice with your kids)
  • Nice with Dogs (Yes, They will have a good bond with other dogs)
  • Brushing (Weekly)
  • Trainability (Suits well, Easy to train)
  • Barking Level (Barks If need to do)

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a wise, hearty, and healthy pet.  As long as you give him a chance to burn off some steam, his tiny size makes him a good apartment boy.

  • Energy level (very efficient; Griffs are fun-loving and love to play with their owners and to take long regular walks)
  • Efficient with children (Monitoring is better for them to be kid-friendly)
  • Good with other Dogs (They should be monitored)
  • Brushing (Weekly)
  • Trainability (Suits well)
  • Barking Level (Barks If need be)

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