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If you are searching for the best puppy dog food, then your search has ended with this page. Yes, the good dog food for puppy meets the nutritional value in the right manner. However, there are many things that a new puppy owner needs to learn. So, one of those highlighted things relates to food. If you are fond of puppies, then then you should have known about the facts. However, the main thing is the difference between puppy dog food and adult dog food.

Can you feed a puppy regular dog food?

“It’s not easy to know all the information related to dog food.”

First of all, the answer to this question is big no. AS the puppy is the baby dog that grows continuously. So, like other babies, the puppies need to have healthy food that is full of nutrition. At an early age, the puppies build their muscles, bones, and other organs. But there isn’t this type of requirement for the adult dog. So, due to this, the diet of puppies should be different from adult dogs. Here is the general timeline for the best dog food;

Feeding the puppy: In the timeframe of the first year

6-12 weeks:

It is the tender age for the growth of the puppy. So, there should be good dog food for a puppy to meet nutrition. However, at this age, if you don’t feed the best puppy dog food and prefer adult food, it’s now the right approach. In this way, you are robbing the nutritional value and development of the puppy. Above all, there should be four feedings in a day to meet the nutritional value. Large breeds should be fed dry and right dog food for puppy up to 9-10 weeks. On the other hand, the time frame for small dogs is 12-13 weeks.

3-6 months:

Some people drop feeding times from four to three times a day. However, due to this, the puppy loses its strength and slows down growth. So, it’s essential to feed the best dog food until the body gets mature.

6-12 month:

In this period, people make a mistake to reduce the feeding up to 2 times a day. As a result of this habit, the puppy lowers’ energy level, and muscles do not build. People switch the puppy from the right dog food from puppy to adult dog food. However, there are the following age limits for changing diet;

  • 7-9 months for the small dogs
  • And 12-13 even 14 for the bigger breeds

If you want to avoid the side effects, you should feed the best dog food for the said period.

After age 1:

People say this period a safe gateway to start the adult the dog food. So, after age one, it is useful to give the adult food in two half portions.

Best puppy dog food quantity:

It is a simple rule of feeding in which we should watch the dog, not the dish. However, the food portion depends on the size, metabolism, and body needs of the puppies. If the puppy is regularly skipping the food or isn’t eating correctly, then don’t worry. It is the sign that the puppy is full or having a good time.

Time lapses to feed good dog food for puppy:

If you choose the best dog food for a puppy with high nutrition, then the dog can stay full for long. But if you don’t give a healthy diet, you will have to feed the puppy more often to make the dog complete. However, to discourage the picky habits and to set the time frame feed after regular intervals. As the puppies are small and they need to eat more often. But keep in mind one thing that doesn’t leave the food down for more than 10-20 minutes.

Final verdict

“Dogs are great, but the right food makes them best.”

After reading the above discussion, one thing has proved that puppies’ feeding needs are different from adult dogs. So, in this situation, you should keep the food separate for both of the dogs. But nowadays, various companies are offering combined food for puppies and adults. So, here are these type of food from which you can choose;

  • Canned food
  • Semi-moist food
  • And kibble

But these foods could be expensive and hard to afford for daily use. It is better to develop the habit of best dog food for a homemade puppy.

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