5 pet reptile care hack you need to know now (a beginner’s guide)

Looking for a pet other than a cat and a dog? How about something more exotic? A cool cold-blooded creature_ a pet reptile to bring home. 

Reptiles are considered the coolest pets ever. The popularity of pet reptile s is growing more and more. Because reptiles are easy to take care of.  They are quiet and don’t seek attention all the time.  However, your pet reptile needs a particular care routine. And the care guide of reptiles (snakes, lizards, and herptiles) is utterly unique compared to the other indoor pets.

If you are going to be the first time pet owner and are looking for a pet reptile to bring home, there are a few things to consider.

1- Temperature regulations

Reptiles (snakes,  lizards, and turtles) are among the most ancient species available worldwide. And they are capable of living in water or land (or both). However, your pet reptiles cannot regulate its body temperature. So that means it will count on you to provide it with accommodate weather conditions. And you need to keep it in a place that has the right temperature. No two pet reptile s have the same body temperature requirements unless they belong to the same species. And the humidity ranges are also different for many pet reptiles.

Before leaving the pet store, it is suggested to ask them about the pet reptile s required environmental temperature. Also, you can ask about the perfect heating devices.

2- Feeding a pet reptile

Unlike indoor pets, the diet plan of reptiles is not very expensive. However, they like to have fresh food instead of canned ones. For example, your pet lizard requires nutritional foods to grow without facing any serious health issues. Just like that, snakes love to have dead rats, hamsters, or mice as a diet. (Don’t worry, frozen dead mice are available at any good pet food store)  depending on the size of the pet reptile, your snake can eat one or more mice. So it is good to have more than one at a time. But if the pet has not eaten his food within 15 minutes, remove the food.

On the other hand, lizards are Omniverse. Therefore you need to feed them to a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables. Crickets, cockroaches, and snails are also a part of the lizard’s diet. If your pet reptile is a tortoise, it is good to serve him with veggies and fruits.

3- Housing

Most pet reptile s live in vivariums. While choosing a vivarium for your pet reptile, keep in mind the growing requirements of your pet. For example, some snakes can grow up to 5 feet and possibly weigh 200 pounds. Having a small house for such pets eventually leads to serious health issues.

Also, every reptile has different environmental needs, and it is crucial to provide the right environment. For example, some style loves to climb and jump around. Whereas others prefer flat surfaces and hiding spaces as their houses. Many pet reptiles also live in water. However, there are a few reptiles who live on water and even on land.

The unavailability of a proper environment can make your pet reptile stressed and aggressive. Therefore it is necessary to provide your pets with a perfect climate that is beneficial for the pet’s physical/mental health and your safety as well.

4- Handling pet reptiles with care.

No doubt, a reptile needs not as much care as other pets do. But that doesn’t mean it requires no maintenance at all. The pet will count on you for his many requirements. Therefore you need to take special care of these pets. Make sure you are getting your pet from a specialized pet store to know more about his needs. However, if you are looking for a snugly fellow, a pet reptile is no choice for you.

5- The untold pet reptiles problems

A lot of reptile stores ignore the importance of sanitary conditions for reptiles. As a result, many reptiles do not survive.  However, the remaining reptiles who tend to stay alive have to face numerous medical and health conditions.  Besides, people consider that reptile s do not need much care to stay healthy. So they don’t get enough specialized care routine. Also, the pet store employees are not much trained to understand the sensitive care routine of reptiles. As a result, they cannot guide the newbie pet owners on taking good care of a serpent.

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