5 of The Most Beautiful Cats Around The World

For the past few years, the trend of having beautiful cats as a pet has become famous and popular. And it should be.

Speak of you yourself, who can resist the heart from melting by looking at those big dreamy eyes, purrfect fur, the charming gate, and above all, the super loving nature❤?

The fluffy fellow is super cute and adorable. As a result, the popularity of beautiful cats as pets is increasing day by day.

These hairy felines are ruling over hearts and social media platforms with their captivating looks.
That is to say, the beautiful cats are tagged on social media platforms as the prettiest pets in the world.

Therefore, today we will round up some of the most beautiful cats around the globe for you. Which cat is undoubtedly the most gorgeous one to have?

Some of them have captivating eyes, and some of them are perfect for cuddling on a snowy day.
While some fellows love to play and run around like a flash, most importantly, every cat is unique and different in its physical appearance from every other cat breed.

Exotic Shorthair

The loveliest, prettiest, and, above all, calmest kitty ever! This adorable cat is distant in its appearance and belongs to the Persian family of beautiful cats.

This magnificent breed results from a cross between a short-haired cat breed and a Persian cat breed.

The reason behind the popularity of these incredibly beautiful cats is that, firstly, their grooming is easy to maintain.

But Persian cats require a lot of grooming every day. In other words, Persian cats require higher maintenance.

The Exotic shorthair’s short and soft coat is easily maintainable. These cats have a loving personality, a medium-to-large body, a lively nature, and above all, they develop an affectionate bond with humans.

To sum up, this cat is excellent for families having children or who will have a cat for the first time.

British Shorthair

The British short hair is not originally British. This magnificent cat breed was imported from Egypt during the first century A.D.

Besides the lush coats, these sturdy and beautiful cats are loyal and the best companions too. Above all, this lovely fellow easily gets attached to your family, making it a perfect pet.

However, there is no exception for other pets when it comes to getting along. In short, these beauties are a bundle of happiness for the whole family and other pets.

Abyssinian Cat

This breed is originated from Ethiopia. And is named after the former of Ethiopia. (Abyssinia)

Abyssinian cats are among the oldest noun cat breeds. The short and reddish-brown coats of these beautiful cats make them unique.

The Abyssinian cat has wedge-shaped, pointed ears. This magnificent catch looks like a tiger in process.
However, this splendid fellow is actually loving and affectionate. And is very loyal as long as you treat it politely and with respect.

Abyssinian cats are pretty smart. So training these beautiful cats is extremely easy. These beautiful cats learn tricks pretty fast.

Birman Cat

This beautiful Birman, also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” is a unique cat with striking coloration.

During the 20th century, the magnificent Birman breed of beautiful cats was introduced in the U.S.

In the initial two years of their lives, the kittens remain white. After that, different markings start to appear on their body, face, tail, and paws.

The Birman cat weighs up to 5 to 7 kg. This cat breed is not very active and playful.

They do not require much exercise to stay healthy. Usually, they love to spend time with their owner by sitting on their lap or hugging them. They also form strong bonds with other pets.

Maine Coon

If you are looking for a loving and affectionate, cuddly fellow, then Maine Coons are the right choice.

These beautiful cats are the largest domestic cats in the world. It is a result of a cross between semi-wild and domestic species. Another name for Maine Coon is American Longhair.

This breed can be found in red, cream, black, silver, white, and orange.

The fluffy and thick coat of Maine coons is water-resistant. Also, it saves them from extreme weather conditions.

The bright eyes can have different colors, including copper, green, white, and golden.

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