5 Of The Magnificently Glamorous Colorful Birds In The World

There is something special about birds. Especially the colorful birds. Nature has blessed birds with the ultimate beauty. The attractive and vibrant colors of feathers add to their grace. However, to explore this gorgeousness, one must have a healthy balance in their account. Therefore, today we will take you to explore some of the most colorful birds around the globe.

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson’s bird of paradise

As the name implies, this colorful bird indeed seems like a bird came from Paradise. The vibrant color of this bird makes it prominent among other Birds. It is seen that these birds can grow up to 8.3 inches.  The scarlet and black body makes the male bird more colorful than the female one. Its color is light blue, but the bright-colored head has Black patterns. Beyond the fact that the magnificent bird has no feathers on its head, the neck is covered with bright yellow feathers.

The Wilson’s Bird of Paradise has dark blue feet, and a thin feathered tail split into curls. These beautiful birds usually are found in the West Papuan islands & the costs of Indonesia.  According to the IUCN Red List, Wilson’s Bird of Paradise is one of the near-threatened species among the colorful Birds.

Splendid Fairy Wren

Splendid Fairy Wren

The maximum growth of splendid Fairywren or splendid wren is about 5.5 inches long. While breeding, the stunning male fellow has a bright blue colour along with dark blue wings and tail. The male bird also has black markings on eyes and chest along with a black beak. But when not breeding the splendid male wren is brown and have bluish coloured tail and wings.

 As compared to the male, the female Fairywren has dull coloured feathered. The female bird has a dark reddish-brown beak and lighter blue tail. Typically it is found in the mainlands of Australia.

Indian Peafowl (Peacock)

Having a talk about colorful birds and not including Indian peafowl wouldn’t be justice. This spectacular bird is no doubt one of the most unique and colorful birds. This graceful creature is a South Asian native. But could be found across the globe. The Indian peafowl usually prefers moist and dry deciduous forests as habitats. It is a relatively large Bird that can grow up to 45 inches (not including the tail). The stunning tail can grow up to 38 to 44 inches. Usually, the male peafowl has an iridescent indigo-colored head. The back feathers of this bird are naturally colored in bronze.

The tail that attracts and grabs the attention of viewers open in a fan shape. The long feathers of the tail have green, black, yellow, and blue spots. Besides the majestic growth, this bird can still take a flight.

Lilac Breasted Roller

The lilac-breasted roller is a tiny bright-colored bird. It is among the few Birds capable enough to open tourist’s eyes to the colorful world of birds. These beauties can be found in the southern region of the Arabian peninsula and Saharan Africa. Usually, lilac-breasted birds nest in holes. Some tourists have named this bird as “rainbow roller”. The bird has a lilac-colored chest and throat. As compared to the body that is dull blue, the feathers are dark blue.

Furthermore, it has black markings on the tips of its wings. Unlike other colorful Birds, the appearances of male and female lilac-breasted rollers are the same.


The Toucan bird is famous for its large, brightly colored beak. Besides the fact that toucans have a black body, the face and the bill has a lemon yellow color. Also,  it has a bright red color under the tail. Some toucans can have orange feathers around the eyes. This recognizable bird can grow up to 50 cm long. The beak of this bird is composed of extremely lightweight bones.

As a result, the bill is very light and the bird weights up-to 1.5 pounds. These colorful birds can be found in woodlands and savannas.

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