10 Major Fish Diseases And How To Avoid Them

An aquarium pet owner needs to be mindful of fish disease affecting the aquarium pet. The awareness of these fish diseases is important to cure it. Therefore we have mentioned the most common fish disease below, along with remedies to avoid them.

1. Fin Rot

This fish disease is caused due to bacteria. It mostly happens because of the dirty and inadequate temperature of the water. However, inappropriate food quality is another reason.

Fin root spread rapidly. In this fish disease, the fins edges of fish turn black or brown. Also, the fin roots off due to lack of medical maintenance.

To avoid Fin root, special take care of adequate water. The water temperature must vary between 20-25 degrees. Give a proper and healthy diet to the fish. Also, change 90 percent of water daily.

2. Ammonia poisoning

This is actually not a fish disease. But it is a common problem in new fish tanks. As a result, fish feel highly stressed. And the stress results in bacterial disorder.

The use of hygienic and pure food can prevent Ammonia poisoning. Also, check out the proper working of the filtration system. And, sterile all the gravel from the fish tank.

3. Cottonmouth

This fish disease is mostly found in tropical or cold water fishes. It is a bacterial infection. At the start of this disorder, the area around the mouth and head becomes pale. Similarly, edges turned to the yellow-brown or red-tinged.

In precautions for this fish disease, add an appropriate quantity of aquarium salt. But over add the salt. Remove extra carbon from the fish tank. Quarantine the fish tank until unless fish are cured of the disease.

4. Fungal infection

A most common fish disease that typically harms aquarium fishes with fungal spores is a fungal infection. In this infection, the fins, mouth, gills, and crust of fish get covered with a cotton wool surface. It is a secondary illness that needs a two steps cure.

Firstly handle the fin injuries. Secondly, clean the water tank. Additionally, use the amount of aquarium salt that the tiny creature can tolerate easily. Furthermore, the use of anti-fungal dealers can cure this fish disease. Another important step to avoid this illness is to clean hands before and after cleaning the aquarium.

5. Dropsy

Swelling in the stomach or belly is an illness called dropsy. In this fish disease, the pet becomes listless. And suddenly stops to dine. The major symptom of this disease is that the scales became prominent.

Avoid overcrowding to decrease the chances of this disease. Furthermore, give a balanced and high-quality diet to fishes. Also, take proper care of water tank cleanliness.

6. Hole in the head

Some fishes like Cichlids, Oscars, and Discus mostly suffer from this fish disease. Low-quality food, infirm water climate, or vitamin deficiency leads fishes to this disorder. In this fish disease, small holes appear on the head and sides of fishes.

However, balance the temperature and pH of water help in the cure. Improve the diet quality to prevent the chances of this disease. Also, vitamin supplements are equally important for the tiny fellows to fight with this disease.

7. Slime disease

Overproduction of mucus crust is known as Slime disease. In this fish disease, mucus changes it’s color to blue from the grey-white coating. This disease is fatal if mucus covers the gills. The rapid breathing is a symptom of this sickness

Before performing any treatment, remove carbon from the aquarium immediately. Then lessen the crowd from the water tank. Also, change the pH of water from 30-50 percent.

8. Ich or white spots

The most common symptom of Ich spots is white salt sprinkles on the fish-body. Immediate care is required for this ailment; otherwise, it will be fetal. If the pet is rubbing its body with different objects, moving gills rapidly, or sitting underside the aquarium, it means that it is suffering from Ich or white spots.

Increase the temperature of the aquarium to 29 degrees to overcome this condition. Furthermore, remove carbon from the water to avoid this fish disease

9. Velvet

Golden, rust, finer yellow, or dusty colored spots on the fish body point out this fish disease. The spots are difficult to see with the normal eye. But you can use a flashlight in the darkness to see the spots. In this disease, a fish starts to lose its weight and breathe with difficulty.

Prevention is an authentic cure for this disease. Therefore change the temperature of the tank to 29 degrees. Keep all the lights off during the entire treatment, add a toleratable amount of aquarium salt. Also, use high-quality water. Until fish start swimming around the tank.

10. Ulcers

This fish disease affects cold water fishes commonly. Goldfish is an example of cold watered or tropical fish. In this disease, external tissues get inflamed like sores. Physical injury or bacterial infection are causes of Ulcers. Similarly, inappropriate and unclean water with high ammonia or PH is an additional reason for Ulcers.

Keeping fish in quarantine is the best remedy to avoid ulcers. Add aquarium salt. And balance the water pH to 30 to 50 per cent.

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