07 Most Beautiful Fish You Can Have As A Pet

The underwater world is so fascinating with mindblowing creatures and beautiful fish breeds. The swimming moment of this creature, either big or small, mesmerizes everyone’s eye. It gives some sort of mental peace to the viewers. Therefore, people love to have these as a pet in their aquariums. Unique color combinations definitely prove it, the queen of water. So if you are looking for an ocean queen for your aquarium, we have got just the thing for you.

7. Clown Tigerfish

This fish is ranked in the topmost beautiful fish in the world. The Yellow spots on its black body enhance its beauty and charm. Also, the fish has white spots in the lower body. It length is about 20 inches. This beautiful fish has a head, one-third of its total length.

This fish is one of the most prized aquarium fish. The life of Clown tigerfish has a pretty big lifespan. So it can live 20 years of its life as a pet. But this fish required a large aquarium. And it can’t live with small fishes.

6. Lionfish

The babe, goddess, and eye-full lionfish has a very beautiful appearance. Zebrafish is another name of this fish. Because it has bands on its body, same as zebra. But the bands of lionfish are colorful. Specific color bands are brown, maroon, and white. Multicolor bands enhance the beauty of this creature. The extreme length of lionfish reached to 15 inches.

The lionfish lifespan is about 10 years. This beautiful fish makes huge ornaments in the aquarium. In other words, the colors of lionfish enrich the splendor of an aquarium.

5. Picasso Tigerfish

Picasso Tigger is also known as a Black bar triggerfish or Picasso. It is famous for its snout that is similar to a pig. Also, It looks like a painted fish. Because it has gradient bands on its body. In addition, this beautiful fish’s head is stained with black lines. And it’s cheek has yellow stripes. This adds to the grace of this fish and looks extremely magical. The length of this beauty is about 11.5 to 12.5 inches.

The lifespan of Picasso Triggerfish is about 10 years. This fish is a delicate and human-friendly pet fish itself. Therefore, it is the best fit for your aquarium.

4. Betta fish

Thinking to have beta as a pet? Smart choice. This amazing creature enhances the beauty of an aquarium and takes it to another level. It has a colorful body. Black, red, blue, copper, orange, and white are different colors of this beauty. But the most surprising fact is its transparent and sometimes colorful fins. In other words, the Betta fish is the most graceful to have as a pet. It is also called fighting fish.

Proper care extends life. So lifespan betta fish is about 4 to 5 years. The average lifespan of this beautiful (in an aquarium) is 3 to 5 years approximately.

3. Moorishfish

The most obviously noticeable and beauty for the aquarium is the Moorish idol. Moorish is a multicolored sea creature. This beauty has a blazed pattern of yellow, black, and white colors. Therefore people find it attractive to have as a pet. The three symbolic black lines on this beautiful creature enhance its beauty. As a result, kids immediately fell in love with it. The approximate length of the Moorish is about 7 inches.

The beautiful Moorish is a graceful and elegant addition to your aquarium. And the aquarium moorishfish lifespan of this ocean queen is about 4 to 5 years.

2. Clownfish

This ocean queen is specified for white stripes on its skin. The Clownfish breed exists in brown, smoky black, lotion, and chrome yellow color. But, the breed of this beautiful fish is differentiated from their white bands. The approximate length of this lovely is around 4.3 inches.

This clownfish is human friendly. Therefore, it is known as a good aquarium pet. The lifespan of a clownfish in the aquarium is 5 years approx. But with filters, this breed can stay alive about 8 to 10 years.

1. Goldfish

Most of you must be aware of this lovely creature. Goldfish are available in a variety of colors. The Orange-gold is the most common color of this goldfish. A unique type of goldfish has olive-green color. But it is quite a rare breed. Also, the goldfish has orange spots on the greyish-white body, which looks very gorgeous. Usually, the goldfish has a length of 14 inches.

This beautiful sea creature is the life of an aquarium. But, the goldfish lifespan of this colorful beauty is 3 years. However, this estimated life of goldfish is without a filtered aquarium. With filters, the life of goldfish is around 5 years.

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