04 Amazing Farm Animals You Can Have As Pets

Farm animals are the animals kept for agriculture purposes. Most people think that farm animals only include domestic animals. But wild animals can also be held on farms. Some farm animals are kept for dairy and meat purposes. And others are kept for labor or to go through with some basic household needs. But the interesting fact is, farm animals are great pets too. Here are a few adorable farm animals that you can have as pets:

Pygmy goats

Pygmy goats are farm animals. But are perfect miniature pets. These goals are a bundle of happiness and energy. As they are very playful and have short legs, which gives them a beautiful touch of adorableness. Pygmy goats tiny farm animals and weight about 40 to 50 pounds. You might know these adorable follows from the famous internet videos where a baby goat tries to jump in pajamas.

These goats have straight hair and medium-length of coats. However, the male Pygmy goats are famous for their long beards and manes.

Unlike other farm animals raised for milk or labor, Pygmy goats are great for companionship.

These cute fellows are very smart. So you can train them easily. Also, these farm animals can prosper in any environment. If you plan on adopting a Pygmy goat as a pet, make sure to provide them a lot of hay and play area. So they can stay active and entertain you as well.

Miniature horses

These adorable miniature horses are among the farm animals that became famous long-long ago. The popularity of these horses was at peak during the 1600s. The nobles of that time were mesmerized by their beautiful grace and tiny size.  However, the size of these miniature horses made them perfect for working in enclosed coal mines.

No doubt miniature horses are smart. Therefore they make great pets. Besides pets, they are great service animals as well.

The lifespan of a miniature horse is around 30 years.  Also, they are easy to take care of because they do not suffer from any particular allergies. On the other hand, they do not require much social attention, and their grooming is very handy.  But there is one thing you have to take care of. These are small horses, and you can not feed them the amount of food you typically provide to a big horse. So do not overfeed them. And make sure they are active.

Baby doll sheep

Tiny, adorable, and fluffy. English South down sheep is another name of babydoll sheep. These furballs are among the farm animals that can be kept as pets and are very handy to take care of. Just like all other animals, the baby dolls sheep are also born without horns. But can grow it later. These sheep are normally white, but some are black too. An interesting fact about the old English South down sheep is that the mother Sheep often has twins and sometimes triplets too (double the fun!).

As they are tiny animals, so they typically weight around 100 Ibs. The weight varies depending on their size.

A full-grown baby doll sheep typically reaches a height of 24 inches.

These furballs love humans. So if you are looking for a pet for your family of children, baby doll sheep is a great choice among the farm animals.

Miniature donkey

Originally from the Mediterranean Islands, these tiny donkeys also fall in the list of farm animals. These Miniature donkeys or petite pals are a completely domesticated breed of donkeys. Usually, the miniature donkey coats are black, tan, grey, or brown.  And the maximum height of these tiny creatures is around 36 inches. However, they are very stout and can wait around 300 Ibs.

Donkeys are famous for their hardworking nature. In the case of miniature donkeys, there is no exception as well. They are hard-working and fast learners. And can easily pull heavy stuff. But the interesting fact is they are stubborn too. So that means you cannot force them to do a thing they are not interested in doing.

Since they are pretty smart farm animals, they take less time to be trained.  Also, they make a great companion and love their caregivers. The average lifespan of these farm animals is around 30 to 35 years. They prefer to run around and live in groups.

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